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Over the last ten years (heck, even the last year alone) technology has dramatically influenced how we go about our daily lives. The creation of Facebook, YouTube, Google, etc… has altered the “norm” of social interactions, consumer behavior, and even how a business operates. The automotive (Franchised Dealers) industry has endured dramatic changes due to the industry’s market landscape; meaning, when you’re selling the same exact product as 5 of your competitors in your PMA, growing your market share has become that much more difficult. Technology has made it easier for consumers to shop and compare, however, the good news is, people are by nature lazy, they want to take the path of least resistance. What this means is even though they want to shop around and compare the deal they will recieve from different dealerships, most people don’t want to spend “too much time” doing so, which lends itself as an opportunity for dealers to capitalize on.

According to RL Polk, over 70% of offline car buyers, utilize the internet during their vehicle purchase process; as we all know, Google (aka. Search Engines such as Yahoo, Bing, etc…) dominates the “online research” process. If your dealership is ranked on top of search results, or even better, dominates mulitiple listings on the first page of search results, you’ve just increased your exposure, and ultimately sales.

JustRank.It, a Phormosa product, is in the business of offer No Fluff, No BS, Just Results SEO. Unlike 99% of our competitors, we want to demystify automotive SEO. Search Engine Optimization at it’s core is extremely straight forward and logical even thought the technologies behind it is groundbreaking, the process in which the “Algorithms” are trying to process our brains do so on a daily basis. Once you understand the goal or mission of Google, everything else falls into place. To learn more about how Search Engines rank websites or more on how to perform Automotive SEO please click here.

JustRank.It, focuses on providing innovations within SEO (ie. Automotive Video SEO, PMA Domination SEO, Automotive Reputation SEO, etc…), we’re focused on not only ranking your website, but making sure your website stands out from the crowd. We offer a suite of Automotive SEO solutions, that provides dominance over any PMA for any automotive dealer. Clear here or on the Automotive SEO Solutions above for more details on our Automotive solution suite.