Word of Mouth marketing has always been an extremely powerful medium, and as a result of technological advancement news travels faster than ever, especially BAD news. There are many Review based social directories in the market (ie. Yelp!) that makes the task of managing and growing a business that much more difficult. What happens if a potential prospects searches for you dealership or even worse, what if they just searched for your “Make” + “Target PMA” & this is what they see?

*Note: Dealer name has been blacked out for obvious reasons.

How do you think a potential car buyer would respond? Let’s take a more positive situation where, this isn’t your dealership but one of your competitors, are you leveraging this opportunity? If you feel its unethical to build your success off of other dealership’s failure, I beg you to ask the question of what do you think a competitive dealer would do if he had the opportunity.

Reputation SEO & Competitive SEO, takes its strategy from guerrilla warfare. Even though we want to focus on growing our business (attacking our enemies, conquering more land aka marketshare) if we’re not protecting the kingdom we’ve built we might as well give up right now, as we may win the battle but to have only lost the war.