Automotive Video SEO is the next evolutionary step in search for the automotive industry. As we have seen with traditional media, where consumers’ automotive purchasing behavior influence migrate from print, to radio, and ultimately to television; we are seeing the same trend in terms of the internet, moving from text-based websites, to an aesthetic facelift with CSS, and finally video embeds.

Here’s a fun fact, do you know who the top 3 search engines are in terms of search volume? If like most you’re thinking Google, Yahoo, & Bing, you’ve greatly mistaken. YouTube is actually the 2nd largest search engine following Google!

The question then is how do you, an automotive dealer, leverage the power of Video SEO? While many may try to implement “offline video” tactics (aka. spot cable, broadcast, etc…), much like Yahoo! at its prime hiring extremely seasoned radio executives to generate ad dollars (we all know how that story ended…), applying old strategies to new mediums might have some lift, however, it will never be the most effective/efficient methods available.

If we truly want to understand and leverage Video SEO, we must start on the consumer level and understand why & how they consume videos with regards to an automotive purchase (FYI YouTube would be a great place to start) and derive our strategy from there.

There are many reason why Automotive Video SEO is ripe for the taking, reasons such as the ability to stand out in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) with a video thumbnail, or simply because it’s much easier to rank relative to a traditional automotive website, however, with that said, there are also downsides to Video SEO, after all it’s still at its infancy much like when Google Adwords first started, consumers were reluctant to click on the sponsored links but look at where we’re at now.

Unlike many Automotive SEO firms, our primary focus is in ranking your online video properties. We don’t want to spend the majority of our time on “storyboards, copy, pre & post production, distribution, syndication, social signals, etc…” (aka fluff & bs), we want to do what we do best, rank your video properties and drive targeted traffic; as we’re assuming that’s why you’re hiring an Automotive SEO firm, and not an Automotive Creative Ad Agency.

If you’re serious about increasing your market share, if you’re tired of your competitors stealing yours customers, and you’re ready to make your competitors sweat on their Monday sales meeting then give us a call, we’re not automotive experts but we sure as hell are experts in Automotive SEO!

*Notice: Our proprietary Automotive Video SEO solution,, has been included into our JustRank.It Automotive SEO suite of solutions in an effort to streamline our operations through our transitional process into an Automotive only SEO provider.