What key-phrase does Google think your site is targeting?

Upon a study of over 500 websites, over 25,000 webpages, we’ve discovered that over 87% of pages are unintentionally targeting the wrong key-phrases. Gone are the days where you can simply “tell” Google what you would like to rank for by filling out some meta data; the days of “Keyword Density” aka Keyword-Stuffing are long gone as well. Google has taken their algorithm up a notch to analyze Keyword Cloud Targeting, so the million dollar question is, how do we know what Google thinks our web-page is targeting versus what we’re actually trying to target? Due to the amount of inquiries we’ve received we’ve decided to build a Target Keyword Identifier; which we would like to share with our clients, prospects, friends, and family for FREE!

We’re currently anticipating to have the tool up and running mid fourth quarter, we know its somewhat of a long wait, but don’t fret, we won’t leave you out to dry. While we’re waiting for our tool to be finished, please feel free to utilize our internal tool by simply copying and pasting your content in the form below, and tell us where to email your TKI data.

If you need any help with your content and/or would like to learn more about Keyword Cloud Targeting please feel free to reach out. We should also have more information on Keyword Cloud Targeting in our resource section by the time our Target Keyword Identifier Tool is up and running.

Hope this helps, and good luck to your SEO success!