Don’t Lose 70% of the business in YOUR PMA because you don’t have a strong search presence.

According to a whitepaper from RL Polk, over 70% of vehicle buyers utilize the internet while shopping for new and used vehicles, thats more than double the usage of any other medium. Have you properly allocated your resources to capitalize on this opportunity? If so, how much of your allocated resources have been parsed for social media? If the answer is more than 3% you might want to think twice, as the same RL Polk study shows that 97% of car buyers that utilized the internet to shop indicated that social media had no impact in the decision of vehicle purchased.


PMA Domination

Traffic Booster Network

You know the power of top rankings in Google, image the impact in sales if you dominated multiple listings on the first page! It’s like fishing with 10 rods versus 1 rod, which would you think caught more fish?

PMA Domination | Traffic Booster Network


Reputation & Competitive SEO

Online reviews hurting your business? A competitive dealer in your PMA moves 2x more units than you? Then do something about it; with our Reputation & Competitive SEO solutions you don’t have any excuse to throw your hands up in defeat.


Video SEO

You know the power of Television in traditional media, do you think people would behave differently online? Here’s a bit of AMAZING fact, YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine behind Google! Leverage the power of Automotive Video SEO and get ahead of the pack.

Automotive Video SEO


PMA Domination | Traffic Booster Network

Conventional SEO

An oldie but a goodie; if you’re a dealer who knows exactly where the dollars lay when it comes to search, then you simply need a company that will rank you, nothing more, nothing less. You dictate what you want to rank for, how quickly you want to get there, and how dominant you want to be in the search results. We’ll take your marching order and the job done!